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2001 - 2012

Honda R&D Co., LTD Motorcycle R&D Centre, Japan

Motorcycle Designer

(Styling - Detail parts, Colouring and Graphic Design)

Due to the nature of my role and Honda's confidentiality policy, I can only share my portfolio face to face.

Please contact me to set up a meeting.


2012 - 2013

50 KALIBER, Melbourne Australia

Freelance Art Director / Designer




Nov-Dec 2012

Freelance Art Director

Creating art for a short film

Apr-May 2013

Freelance Designer

Studio interior design

Jun-Jul 2013

Freelance Designer

Graphic Design for company vans

2015 - 2018

Akasiro, Japanese Restaurant, Melbourne Australia

Freelance Designer



2015 - 2018

Freelance Designer

Menu design